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Take advantage of the 10 years of facing the disaster to S D G s

Hanazuka Atsugi Kogyo has been involved in construction projects in various parts of Japan for 46 years since its founding, based in Soma City, the northeastern tip of Fukushima Prefecture. In 2019, we were busy with regional restoration, and in 2019, we had the experience of being forced to rebuild our building due to the flooding of the river caused by typhoon No. 19.

The environmental impact of modern social activities has led to unexpected violence of nature, and in return it is spreading to the destruction of not only buildings but also communities and local cultures. In the face of this situation, every day I ask myself what I can do to protect my precious life and property, which is the main task of the architect.

Nevertheless, he is an experienced person who works on disaster risk minimization plans and quick reconstruction plans in order to protect peace of mind and sustainable living without waiting for disasters that will occur in various parts of the world in the future. With our mission and belief, we will continue to sincerely deal with architecture and the people involved in it.


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相馬市補助金 耐震診断

​耐震診断 補助金

(実質自己負担 7,500円)


相馬市補助金 耐震改修

​耐震改修 補助金



Design assistance
Design assistance (permanent employee)

Those who want to be involved in the design of general houses and commercial facilities, the design of factories and plants, and the work of research, design, and supervision related to construction. Inexperienced people and women are welcome. There is a qualification acquisition support system, and we are looking for future executive candidates. You can join the company immediately.


Plumber (regular employee)

Those who are interested in water supply and drainage sanitary equipment construction, septic tank equipment construction, air conditioning equipment construction such as general housing, commercial facilities, factories and plants. The main construction sites are Shinchi-cho, Soma-gun-Soma-Minamisoma City. There is a qualification acquisition support system. You can join the company immediately.

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3-5-21 Okinouchi, Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture

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